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According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs and Drugs Addition (EMCDDA) “(drugs-related crimes), compared with general population, offenders report higher rates of drug use and problem drug users are more frequently found to be offenders”. Drugs may be part of the deviant lifestyles leading people to become more regular /dependent users and/or to their increased involvement in crime or in the drug market. In addition, other studies highlighted that the extent to which individuals adopt a deviant lifestyle may affect the various factors that determine whether offending and drug use continue progresses or cease during the course of an individual's life. EMCDDA data refer that the number of drug law offences increased by an estimated 29% between 2002-2007. The percentage of drug-related crime on overall offences, in the project participating countries is 79% Cyprus, 53,5% Italy and 67% Bulgaria.

Furthermore, if we refer to security and public order, we have to take into account that daily news are increasingly reporting, as drugs-related crimes, prostitution and minor crimes (such as robbery or vandalism) committed by young adults drug users. Besides, an EMCDDA survey on youngest adult (15-24) drug use revealed that, in comparison to general population, is very high in the last year: 16% used cannabis; 1.6% ecstasy; 1.1% amphetamines; 2.2% cocaine.

For this reason SPRING project will support the interventions on drug use prevention and drugs-related crime recidivism between youngest adults.

The United Nation Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) consider drug dependence and illicit drug use associated with health problems, poverty, violence, criminal behaviour, and social exclusion and consequently, their social and economic costs are difficult to estimate.

In this framework, SPRING, according to the general framework of the participating countries, will support the prevention of drugs-related crimes in youngest adults IDUs and addicted to drugs.


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