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Project Results


SPRING general objective of the project will be the fight and prevention of drugs-related crimes, in order to guarantee security and public order and to reduce social costs of crimes.

SPRING will achieve the general object, by the following specific objectives that will aim to:
•  Fight recidivism of crimes committed by IDUs and young drug addicted in urban contexts.
• Identify and exchange best practices in alternative measures & treatment programs for drug law offenders, with particular attention to music therapy, in order to prevent recidivism once the rehabilitation program is over.
•  Identify and exchange best practices in prevention campaigns for youngest adults.
•  Promote the understanding of EU policies on prevention of drugs-related crimes, among local authorities and NGOs working in this sector.
Reduce the number of new potentials drug users and therefore reduce new potentials drug law offenders, by informing youngest adults on drug risks and its social consequences.


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